Kukdeshwar: Bahubali Hanuman ji at Kukdeshwar fair, Shri Krishna Radha Raas also, Rajasthani presentation on 23rd… read.

Kukadeshwar – A grand bhajan evening program has been organized by Payal Events Group on 21 February 2023 at the Mahashivratri fair organized by the city council Kukadeshwar, in which a live presentation of God’s hymns was done. The presentation of hymns was given by singer artist Harshvardhan Sharma Mandsaur, Pooja Bhatnagar Kota, Kamlesh Rao Pratapgarh. And on February 22, a grand bhajan evening was organized by Navrang Group, in which presentations were given on Bahubali Hanuman ji, Vanar Sena, Radha Krishna Raas, 25 Mukhi Mahakali etc. On 23rd February, presentations will be given on colorful Rajasthani programs by Payal Events. City Council President Mrs. Urmila Mahendra Patwa, Vice President Mrs. Sonali Ujjwal Patwa, City Council Officer Kamal Singh Parmar, Fair President Raju Ramchandra Khati, MP representative Kailash Rathore, MLA representative Kailash Malviya Valley, all councilors, presidents of all societies of the city, social workers Nightly events are being conducted in the hospitality of journalist brothers. In the fair, better security arrangements are being made by the City Defense Committee including TI Sandeep Tomar and policemen of Police Station Kukdeshwar. All the arrangements are being fully operated by the employees of the same city council. All the responsible people of the city council Kukdeshwar have appealed to the people of the city and the region to make the fair a success by attending the fair.

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